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We're RegTech Experts

We’re a group of highly skilled experts in Agile, Product, Cloud, Change Management and Risk Management who provide expertise on leveraging technology, POCs and cultural buy-in for successful transformations.

Who Believe in Equality

As a Women-owned organization, we believe in an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone’s uniqueness makes us stronger.

Support Bi-Modal Technologies

Our teams support can support legacy and emerging technologies.

And Utilize a Train to Sustain™ Approach

We believe in doing the work while providing hands-on training in the client’s environment to provide the skills needed to be successful after we leave.

We’re Driven by our Core Values

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Our commitment to helping companies operate smarter and better serve their customers starts with our dedication to creating lasting value for our employees. We are a values-driven company, focused on supporting you with professional growth opportunities, continued education, remote work, an inclusive and diverse work environment and the ability to create change for our clients. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our current opportunities.

Alison Banziger, xScion Founder & CEO


Led by Founder and CEO Alison Banziger, our team is dedicated to continuously Turn Change Into Value. Meet Our Leadership Team

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