Business Agility

Quickly adapt to market and internal changes

Adapt and Thrive During Uncertainty

Organizations have adopted Agile processes and a Product mindset to increase their speed and delivery of products to end users; they are now working smarter and more efficiently to respond to customer needs. Yet, how do these companies quickly and successfully respond to larger, external uncertainties from economical, social, technical and regulatory changes? They evolve their Agile and Product practices into true Business Agility.

Business Agility empowers enterprises to be flexible and pivot to all changes in a turbulent economy by incorporating Change Management into overall Agile and Product transformations.

Explore Industry-leading Agility Capabilities

Business Agility Maturity

Agile Maturity


Design, plan and implement customized Agile Frameworks.

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Business Agility Product Management

Product Management


Optimize Value Streams to streamline engineering and eliminate inefficiencies.

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Evolve Into Business Agility

Business Agility: Train to Sustain with Hands-on Learning

Relentless continuous improvement of team and portfolio Agile maturity.

Focus on adoption over implementation.

Understand the metrics and measurements needed to increase predictability of product development in an Agile environment.

We Can Help You Achieve Business Agility

Agile Groundwork & Implementation

Provide Change Management knowledge and resources needed to accelerate organizational adoption of an Agile mindset.

Agile Solutions

Create systems and processes for implementing large-scale Agile solutions.

Agile in Federally Regulated

Build cohesion and increase collaboration between functional groups.

Worry Less About the Unknown

To survive and thrive in today’s constantly changing world, organizations must be able to quickly shift priorities and adapt. By focusing on Business Agility, you can implement emerging technologies, provide a better customer experience, stay ahead of your competition and adjust to the unknown of tomorrow.

This level of agility requires adaption across all levels of your organization to ensure collaboration, communication and consistency, including leadership, governance, people, culture and strategy.

Why xScion?

Business Agility: Deep Expertise

Deep Expertise

Subject Matter Experts with deep Agile, Product and Change Management expertise.

Business Agility: Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

Method agnostic expertise, including Scaled Agile, DAD, Scrum or use your custom methodology, industry best practices and/or our proprietary methods.

Business Agility: Product Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Our Train to Sustain approach to knowledge transfer focuses on training your teams while doing the work leaving a lasting impact.

Leverage xScion’s Business Agility Partners


Trusted Technology Investment Decisions

Helping organizations understand and visualize their technology costs will improve business outcomes and create lasting value. We partner with Apptio to ensure clients and their teams understand how to develop requirements, use cases and reporting information to get the most of their cost visualization. Learn more about our Partners

Latest Thinking

Yes, Project Managers Exist in an Agile World

Yes, Project Managers Exist in an Agile World

Learn how Project Managers can adapt to and thrive in Agile environments at a Team Level, Portfolio Level and in hybrid enterprises.

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Transform into Product Centric eBook

Transform into Product-centric with Agile & Cloud

Learn how to transition to a Product-centric mindset with real-world tips, including how to establish and communicate a clear vision, change your organizational culture and manage people, processes and technology as you move to new ways of working.​

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3 Ways Executives Can Champions Agile

3 Ways Executives Can Champion Agile

Learn how executives can champion Agile and sustain Agile training to optimize your transformation.

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Success Stories

xScion: Agile Product Management Transformation

Agile Product Management Transformation

Read how xScion successfully developed Agile Product Management processes and culture for a global pharmaceutical nonprofit that brought IT and business functions together with a new focus on Value Streams rather than projects.

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Analysis and Roadmap for New Project Portfolio Management and Accounting Systems

Analysis and Roadmap for New Project Portfolio Management and Accounting Systems

Learn how xScion created a seamless Project Portfolio Management and Project Accounting process through enhanced technology, process improvements and comprehensive training.

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Scaling Agile with Agile Adoption Maturity Model

Scaling Agile with AAMM

Learn how xScion leveraged its proprietary Agile Adoption Maturity Model (AAMM) to assist one of the largest banks in the United States to assess maturity, create a foundation of understanding, build cultural buy-in and train teams for success.

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