Organizational Change Management

Drive adoption and cultural change

Ensure the Success of Your Transformations

An organization’s plan to transform to go Agile, become Productfocused and leverage new Cloud technologies will remain just a plan until the people within that organization and its culture adopt the required changes needed to enact that plan. As the saying goes, “organizations don’t change people do.”

Changing your team’s mindset, actions and engagement, however, can be the most difficult and often overlooked or unplanned part of any transformation. Without your team’s adoption and alignment to your desired Future State, your transformation will likely fail.

“The typical organization today has undertaken five major firmwide changes in the past three years and nearly 75% expect to multiply the types of major change initiatives they will undertake in the next three years. Yet half of changes initiatives fail, and only 34% are a clear success.” Gartner

Use Organizational Change Management (OCM) to Drive Change and Adoption

OCM is essentially managing the most important part of any change your people through a structured approach that helps align new processes and systems with your people and culture.

Without OCM, teams struggle due to lack of executive support, inadequate systems and processes to support the needed changes, minimal crossfunctional support, complex organizational structures with layers of governance and no way to measure the success of the transformation.

OCM brings both short-term outcomes:


  Active engagement

✓  Extensive buyin

✓  Tactical and measurable implementation

✓  Increased adoption

✓  Higher utilization

✓  Greater proficiency

And long-term outcomes:


  Operational capability

✓  Resilient culture

✓  Workforce retention

✓  Innovation and growth

✓  Organizational agility


Create Change Across the Entire Organization

Enterprise-wide transformations, like Agile, Product and Cloud, do not occur in one siloed business function or on one team. These transformations impact and affect every part of an organization and every person’s responsibility, team or function.

To help your transformation succeed in the quickest and most efficient way possible, you need OCM support that is deeply knowledgeable across business functions with a thorough understanding of all the tools, processes and collaboration needed.

Our OCM experts are skilled across multiple change disciplines – Agile, Change Management, Design Thinking, Information Management, etc. – and bring specific change knowledge in training, coaching, data virtualization, personas and Journey Maps to meet your teams where they are and guide them to your goal.

Why xScion?

Hands-on Training

xScion’s Train to Sustain approach to knowledge transfer provides real, hands-on training in your environment to create optimal change results.

Agile: Customized Agile Support


We offer expert support without forcing a certain change methodology or framework.
Agile: Customized Agile Support

Deep Expertise

Our team of OCM experts bring deep experience driving successful transformations across large enterprises, Public Sector organizations and nonprofits.

Kerrie Arkwell

“People tend to get very focused on tangible outcomes. When it comes to large scale change, it is important to emphasize the why and to connect with the core values.”

Kerrie Arkwell
Senior Program Manager


Organizational Change Management: Vision and Strategy Development

Change Vision and Strategy Development

Develop business cases, strategy and leadership buy-in.

Organizational Change Management Frameworks

OCM Framework

Select, plan and implement the best OCM framework for your unique needs.

Organizational Change Management: Governance Implementation

Change Governance Implementation

Create a change leadership structure, decision-making roles and strategic prioritization.

Organizational Change Management Coaching

Gain hands-on coaching and leadership guidance to ensure behavior and culture transformations.

Change Adoption Analytics and Insights

Track, measure and analyze metrics that define transformation success.

Latest Thinking

Organizational Change Management: Set A Transformation Vision

Set A Transformation Vision

Learn how to share a clear strategy, empower teams and change organizational structures to ensure a successful transition from Project to Product.

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Organizational Change Management: Overcome the Top 4 Transformation Challenges

Overcome the Top 4 Transformation Challenges

Learn tips and tactics to gain buy-in, align behind a shared vision and overcome other commonly observed transformation hurdles to ensure your transformation is successful.

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