Cloud transformation

Harness Cloud technologies across your enterprise

Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption

Our Technologists can help you get the most value from the Cloud through experience and expertise in navigating through the tooling, processes and collaboration required for migrations and new builds.

Cloud Experts

Gain Cloud Expertise

Use our Cloud experts, who are available when you need them, with the specific skill sets you require and at the appropriate scale to build, deploy and transfer knowledge.

Cloud Development

Address Skillset Gaps

Address knowledge gaps through our Train to Sustain approach to knowledge transfer so your teams can continuously optimize your Cloud technology after we leave.

Cloud Infrastructure

Manage Cloud Costs

Understand and manage your Cloud spend and tool sprawl through innovative processes and tools, including Apptio, Cloudability and TBM.

Explore Industry-leading Cloud Capabilities

Agile Groundwork & Implementation


Develop quicker, operate smarter and secure your products throughout the CI/CD pipeline.

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Cloud Agnostic

Cloud Infrastructure

Build a new Cloud ecosystem, transition legacy applications from on–prem or implement a hybrid or multi–Cloud environment.

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Cloud Development

Data Optimization

Gain greater data veracity and availability by leveraging new technologies and processes.

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Solve Your Development Pipeline Challenges

Cloud Pipeline

Why xScion?

Industry Best Practice Approach

Technology partnership and industry frameworkbased input on legacy applications, roadblocks faced in migration and approaches to scaling.

Bi-modal Expertise

Codefirst skillsets to address network and security concepts, server technologies, SAN technology, virtualization and performance optimization.

Train to Sustain™

Knowledge transfer through pairedprogramming, standardized documentation processes, playbooks and workshops to teach and gain buy in on new techniques, tools and features.

Mature Your Cloud Journey

The Agile Cloud Maturity Model (ACMM) helps you plan, scale and optimize your Cloud investments. ACMM helps you to plan, optimize and vet Cloud investments, including:

  • Developing strategy – prioritization, migration and technology
  • Managing legacy migration, use cases and adoption
  • Scaling infrastructure
  • Considering budgets – tech debt, CapEx/OpEx, Managed Services
  • Ensuring governance, compliance and security
Prepare for Cloud FinOps

Preparing for Cloud FinOps


IT Alignment – Mapping cloud finance requirements to IT planning, process, & reporting

TBM Alignment – Creating transparency on IT spend through PPM & FinOps implementation

FinOps Tooling – Apptio, Cloudability, & other tools coaching & implementation

Leverage xScion’s Cloud FinOps Partners


Trusted Technology Investment Decisions

Helping organizations understand and visualize their technology costs will improve business outcomes and create lasting value. We partner with Apptio to ensure clients and their teams understand how to develop requirements, use cases and reporting information to get the most of their cost visualization. Learn more about our Partners


Monitor and Analyze Cloud Expenses

Cloudability is a financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing Cloud expenses across any organization. xScion partners with Cloudability to help clients make trusted technology investment decisions to drive better business outcomes by improving visibility, optimization and governance across Cloud environments. Learn more about our Partners

Cloud Transformation: Mike Trivette

“Moving to the Cloud isn’t as easy as packaging up all your servers and shipping them off to some magical warehouse in the sky. To do Cloud – and to do it right – you need to look at what your motivations are for going to the Cloud and use those as starting points as a catalyst for changing how you work with those systems. Cloud is a whole different ballgame, and you need to be ready for it.”

Mike Trivette
xScion’s Cloud Practice Lead

Latest Thinking

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Bridging the Cloud Skills Gap

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Transform Into Product-centric with Agile & Cloud

Learn how to transition to a Product-centric mindset with real-world tips, including how to establish and communicate a clear vision, change your organizational culture and manage people, processes and technology.​

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Webinars: Empower Your Now Remote Teams

Empower Your Now Remote Teams

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Success Stories

Using Cloud and Analytics to Acheive a 15% Reduction in Pended Volume

Using Cloud and Analytics to Achieve a 15% Reduction in Pended Volume

Learn how xScion helped a large national care provider save 50,000 labor hours by reducing 1.5 million claims from manual review process.

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Cloud: Exponentially Improve Analytics and Reduce Costs with Big Data

Exponentially Improve Analytics and Reduce Costs with Big Data

Learn how xScion helped a financial services company move from their existing data warehouse to a Cloud-based environment to improve analytics performance and substantially reduce costs.

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Cloud: Achieving Claims Intelligence with Data Analytics

Achieving Claims Intelligence with Data Analytics

Learn how xScion helped a large healthcare client expand their data platform’s impact and deepen business intelligence by developing proprietary analytics tools.

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