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The healthcare industry is changing rapidly due to advancements in technology, increasing member expectations for rapidly accessible services, and unparalleled access to data and new technologies.

As payers focus on providing an exceptional member experience and harnessing emerging technologies, Agile methodologies and Automation, their systems must evolve to support these changes.

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Payers rapidly need new skillsets and the ability to leverage these technologies. Our experts do just that – optimize technologies and fill skillset gaps to support strategic goals.

  • 15 years of experience supporting payers
  • Focus on the entire end-to-end payer journey
  • Understand payers’ unique regulatory, compliance and infrastructure complexities
  • Experts in emerging technologies, Agile methodologies and data optimization

Claims Management

A broad approach to helping Plans improve AA rates and lower operational costs by analyzing pend/edit issues, leveraging data tools, and implementing system fixes that lead to improvements across the Enrollment, Membership, Pricing and Provider areas

Provider Data

Improve data quality through new data management, governance, and business intelligence methods

Business Agility

Scaling Agile and Product Management practices

Payer Specific Issues

Reimbursements, fraud mitigation, telehealth initiatives, and securing personal health information (PHI)

End-to-End Payer Support

“One of the best ways we can improve the member’s experience is by ensuring that their claims are paid accurately and promptly. I have been fortunate to spend the last several years working with one of the premier claims processing applications in the federal healthcare space. It gives me great personal satisfaction to see how many of the claims we process are handled without a single hitch or glitch.”

Senior Technical Project Manager

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Maximize Speed, Quality, Collaboration and Value Together

Product Management

Meet Customer Needs through Greater Collaboration


Streamline Processes and Systems to Gain Efficiencies


Harness Cloud Technology Across the Enterprise

Risk Management

Release Quickly and Verify Quality Faster

Success Stories

Improve Payment Integrity by Paying the Right Provider

Learn how xScion helped a national healthpayer to leverage machine learning and automation to reduce the need for manual review and enable the client to devote human resources to higher value activities.

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A Winning Case for DevOps

Read how xScion helped a national health insurer association to launch an optimized software devliery platform leveraging open source and best-in-class DevOps tools and best practices.

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Creating a Customer Focused Digital Experience

Read how xScion supported a healthcare claims processor for federal employees to successfully launch a member-centric, real-time integrated portal and mobile application.

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