Data Optimization

Optimize Your Data for Cloud

Optimize Your Data in the Cloud

With the transition to Cloud technologies, organizations now create significantly more data, store it in real-time applications, want to access real time analytics for better business decisions and ensure security across their enterprise. While this endtoend data optimization seems simple, organizations are struggling with Data Ingestion, Integrity and Quality.

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $15 million in losses per year. Furthermore, Forrester states that only approximately 0.5% of organizations are effectively analyzing and utilizing data to drive their business forward.

Optimizing your data can not only save you substantial money but help you make smarter, better decisions to grow.

Support For Your Data Strategy

Data Ingestion

Ensure your disparate, enterprise-wide data is adequately collected and efficiently stored.

Data Integration

Parse, filter and transform your data for Advanced Analytics and AI.

Cloud Data

Data Quality

Make sure your analyzed data is trustworthy and governed.

Make Your Data Work For You

Make Your Data Work for You

The specific data needs of your organization are unique to you. Whether you want to leverage the Cloud for scalable data analysis, lower storage costs or introduce AI and Machine Learning to your data analysis pipelines, we can optimize your data. We ensure your data is accessible, accurate and scalable and that your Cloud data environments support your data strategy.

Full Data Lifecycle Support

We can support your organization at all stages of the data lifecycle. Our Technologists analyze your current data implementations, suggest architectural improvements, design migration pathways and help you fully leverage your data.

Improvements in data storage and accessibility can dramatically increase your speed to generate actionable data and drive your organization forward. xScion can help your organization migrate legacy data systems to the Cloud, implement modern data warehouses and leverage big data analytics tools.

Data Optimization: Assess


Understand your Data Optimization goals and current state to develop a roadmap.

Data Optimization: Implement


Strategically manage your data organization, cleanliness, security, storage and access.

Data Optimization: Migrate


Transition appropriate data and leverage Cloud technologies to provide flexible, scalable and secure data computing capabilities.

Risk Management: Organizational Change Management


Create realtime, actionable analytics to drive your business decisions.

Why xScion

Cloud Experts


Our Technologists are experts in Cloud and Data, ensuring systems are designed to best meet your needs.


We can identify how, when and where to optimize your organization’s data.


We are not tied to a specific data tool or approach and leverage what is best for your needs.


We teach your team the how, why and what we did, so your team can support the solutions longterm.

Leverage xScion’s Cloud Data Industry Partners

As more organizations look beyond visualization to make their data actionable, we partner with Denodo to better address data access, governance and delivery for customers. Through this collaboration, we design data solutions that can be leveraged to optimize data analytics and reporting. Learn more about our Partners

How Mature Is Your Data?

Optimizing the data lifecycle is crucial for digital enterprises that want to leverage data as a true asset. Without a mature data lifecycle, companies struggle with poor data quality, lack of governance or inconsistent flow across the organization.

The Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) assesses the gaps in your current data infrastructure and helps you develop a logical, stepwise approach to creating an endtoend, strategic data approach. ADMM focuses on the technical capabilities and processes needed to optimize your data, including:

Increasing scalability
Leveraging structured and unstructured data

Improving data quality, delivery and governance

Developing advanced analytics through Open Source and proprietary tools

Using NextGen technologies: IoT, AI, Machine Learning and more

Hunter Robinson

We save the client both time and money by automating processes to minimize the workload on development resources. They have been able to double their client base which impacts the bottom line.”

Hunter Robinson
Sr. Technical Product Analyst


Data Assessment

Understand the current state and create roadmaps to achieve data strategy goals.

Cloud Data

Data Governance

Ensure data is available, usable, trustworthy and secure.

Data Transformation & Migration

Transform enterprisewide data into usable data systems.

Cloud Development

Data Analysis & Insights

Harness data in realtime, scalable analytics to make better business decisions.

Success Stories

Using Cloud and Analytics to Acheive a 15% Reduction in Pended Volume

Data Architecture Definition and Design

Learn how xScion developed data management and governance processes to prepare existing data for new automation tools.

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Cloud: Achieving Claims Intelligence with Data Analytics

Achieving Claims Intelligence With Data Analytics

Learn how xScion helped a large healthcare client expand their data platform’s impact and deepen business intelligence by developing proprietary analytics tools.

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Data Architecture Assessment and Recommendations

Data Architecture Assessment and Recommendations

Learn how xScion helped a global nonprofit assess their current data architecture, chart a roadmap for a successful data migration and create a blueprint for the client to optimally leverage its investment in a new BPMS.

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