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Build the Cloud Infrastructure That Best Fits Your Needs

Whether you are considering a migration of existing applications, lift and shift to Cloudenabled applications or developing and refactoring with microservices, our Cloud technologists can help. We can help take your Cloud strategy and designs and execute POCs, migrations, net new builds and scale applications in the Cloud, multiCloud and hybrid environments.

Build the Cloud Infrastructure that Fits Your Needs
We help you ensure your Cloud journey delivers lasting value while also being cost-effective, reliable and secure. As a vendor agnostic partner, our Technologists can help you select the best Cloud technologies to fit your unique needs and achieve your business goals. Our strategic partnerships with key Cloud technology vendors ensures you get the best technical guidance and support, regardless of what platform you use.

Why xScion

Cloud Agnostic

Multi-cloud and Hybrid Strategies

Our technologists help strategize, design and implement multi-Cloud and hybrid-Cloud solutions that optimize costs and performance while ensuring data portability and compliance.

Risk Management: Organizational Change Management

Cloud Cost Management

We provide financial governance services to manage and optimize Cloud spend, including identifying unused resources and recommending reserved instances or saving plans.

Cloud-native Technologies

xScion helps drive the adoption of Cloud-native applications and platforms, including containers, microservices and Kubernetes.

Cloud Data

Integration Services

We provide integration services that connect Saas, Paas, and Iaas offerings with existing on-premises and third-party applications.

Optimize Your Infrastructure

Cloud FinOps

Budget, management and reporting of costs for Cloud, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Cloud Agnostic

Automated Monitoring

MonitoringasCode (MaC) approaches.

Cloud Development

Tools Standardization

Selection, POCs and implementation of tools.

Cloud Agnostic

Repetitive Task & Full Stack Automation

Ansible, Terraform and additional tooling approaches.

Cloud Agnostic

Tooling Education

Frameworks implementation, playbooks and documentation.

Cloud Agnostic

IAC Development

Infrastructure definition and deployment, such as networks, virtual machines, load balancers and connection topology.

Leverage xScion’s Cloud Infrastructure Industry Partners

Cloud: Denodo: xScion Partner

Reliable, Scalable and Inexpensive Cloud Computing Services

As more missiondriven, Public Sector enterprises migrate to the Cloud, understanding evolving technologies, tools and methodologies has become essential. We partner with AWS to help them stay ahead of the constant changes in Cloudnative technologies, security and standards requirements including NIST, FedRAMP and migration strategies.

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Sonatype: xScion Partners

Open and Flexible Cloud Computing Platform

As organizations migrate to the Cloud, they are focused on cost savings and making their organization more efficient. As an Azure partner, we help clients build, manage and deploy applications using preferred languages, frameworks and infrastructure to solve challenges large and small.

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Networking, Automation & Tooling

Leverage Cloud technologies to optimize your Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Development

Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

Improve operational efficiencies with automation and IaC.

Cloud Agnostic

Build and Deployment

Design, test and migrate existing or new applications into the Cloud.

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