Change management

Drive change and mitigate risks to ensure transformation success

Ensure Your Transformation is Successful

As you transform to a mature Agile operating model, transition to a Productfocus with Value Streams and develop and leverage emerging Cloud technologies, your organization is undergoing significant changes to your people, processes and technologies. With great change, comes great risk for failure.

Transformations bring multiple risks:

Technology risks  include strategies, processes, systems and people that manage technologies

Operational risks  can be process, technology or people driven

Culture risks come from employee resistance and lack of support from management

Explore Industry-leading Change Capabilities

Cloud Development

Organizational Change Management

Align teams and culture to your Future State’s transformation processes and systems using a structured, systematic approach.


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Agile Groundwork & Implementation

Risk Management

Identify, analyze and remediate potential risks in your Current State transformation with impartiality, industry standards and domain expertise.


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We Can Help You with Change Agility

According to PMI, Change Agility “is the intentional and planned preparation of the organization to enhance the likelihood that its strategies will produce the intended strategic benefits.”

Change Agility provides an increase focus on building organizational change capability and achieving organizational agility, a greater emphasis on employee engagement and culture and a systematic shift toward holistic and integrated change strategy.

Leveraging a Change Agility mindset, we can help you achieve long term outcomes:

Operational capabilities

Resilient culture

Workforce retention

Innovation and growth

Organizational agility

Solutions to Support Both Your Current State and Future Goals

Current & Future State

We provide our clients a structured approach to planning, implementing and measuring transformation initiatives. The strategies, plans, competencies and coaching we deliver help clients gain employee acceptance and adoption of the change underway and ensure ultimate success of new initiatives.

Kay Fudala
xScion’s Change Management Practice Lead

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Success Stories

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