Leveraging technology to drive your mission

Become a Digitally Transformed Nonprofit

In today’s digital and social media driven world, nonprofit members now have the same user experience expectations as they do with commercial companies.

Nonprofits must reassess the way they interact with members and operate their organization’s unique systems to leverage Cloud technologies, a Product Mindset and Agile methodologies.

Problem Space Exploration

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Focus On Your Mission. Leave Your Technology Needs to Us

Our experts bring deep experience supporting all types of nonprofits, including associations, foundations, think tanks and philanthropic organizations.

We understand the unique business and IT challenges nonprofits face, as well as rising member expectations due to ever-evolving commercial experiences.

We can help you become a digitally-transformed nonprofit that leverages new technologies, processes and methodologies
to support your mission.

Evolve Your Culture, Process and Operations to Support New Technologies

Create an environment that leverages Agile and Cloud technology to drive business decisions and better serve members.

Increase agility and speed to respond to member demands.

Leverage new technologies to save costs, improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity with often limited staff.

Leverage an Outside Perspective for Success

Our experts understand the tools, processes, methodologies and security options – as well as the new ways of thinking and skillsets needed to leverage them all effectively.

  • Work with you to start or accelerate your technology transformation plans
  • Assess your technology and create a roadmap for success
  • Work with our Lean teams that help you realize value sooner
  • Fulfill technology and business skillsets as needed

We understand both the unique challenges that nonprofits face and the need to meet rising customer expectations due to their commercial experiences.

  • Leverage new ideas from the commercial sector that you need to adhere to in order to be successful
  • Improve your bottom line by uncovering non-dues and save operational expenses

Explore Our Industry-leading Capabilities

Business Agility Maturity

Business Agility

Quickly adapt to market and internal changes.

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Cloud Development

Cloud Transformation

Harness Cloud technologies across your enterprise.

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Business Agility Product Management

Change Management

Drive change and mitigate risks to ensure transformation success.

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Success Stories

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Learn how xScion leveraged its Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) to assess the data gaps of a large healthcare nonprofit and provide an executable strategy for improving several data capabilities, including data governance.

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Data Architecture Definition and Design

Learn how xScion helped a global nonprofit dedicated to improving public health to establish data management and governance processes critical to establishing a robust data foundation.

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Data Architecture Assessment and Recommendations

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