Maturity Models

Maturity Models create an actionable path for growth

Transform to a Digital Enterprise with Maturity Models

Constant evolution is a necessity in today’s digital enterprises. To gain competitive advantage, you must first understand how mature your organization is across people, technology and data, and then create an actionable roadmap to evolve.

Our experts have created maturity models to help assess your current state, identify gaps and recommend changes across your organization. With these maturity models, you gain transparency and a deeper understanding of how your organization can grow and create greater ROI from the adoption of Agile processes, Cloud technologies and data transformation.

Agile Adoption Maturity Model

Adopting Agile has numerous enterprise benefits – from improved quality to faster ROI. While implementing Agile for a specific team is rather quick, becoming an Agile enterprise requires a transformation across multiple levels –the team, project, portfolio and enterprise.

The Agile Adoption Maturity Model addresses the cultural mindset and actions required to drive enterprise transformation, including:

  • Leveraging cross-functional teams
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Adopting Frameworks –SAFe, Agile Project Management, Kanban, Product Management
  • Increasing DevOps and Automation capabilities
Agile Adoption Maturity Model

Agile Cloud Maturity Model

As more organizations are leveraging Cloud technology to reduce IT costs, increase scalability and improve services while focusing more on their actual business, the Cloud adoption journey has become a strategic priority. The Agile Cloud Maturity Model (ACMM) helps you plan, scale and optimize your Cloud investments.

ACMM helps you to plan, optimize and vet Cloud investments, including:

  • Developing strategy: prioritization, migration and technology
  • Managing legacy migration, use cases and adoption
  • Scaling infrastructure
  • Considering budgets: tech debt, CapEx/OpEx, Managed Services
  • Ensuring governance, compliance and security

Agile Data Maturity Model

Optimizing the data lifecycle is crucial for digital enterprises that want to leverage data as a true asset. Without a mature data lifecycle, companies struggle with poor data quality, lack of governance or inconsistent flow across the organization. The Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) assesses the gaps in your current data infrastructure and helps you develop a logical, stepwise approach to creating an end-to-end, strategic data approach.

ADMM focuses on the technical capabilities and processes needed to optimize your data, including:

  • Increasing scalability
  • Leveraging structured and unstructured data
  • Improving data quality, delivery and governance
  • Developing Advanced Analytics through Open Source and proprietary tools
  • Using NextGen Technologies: IoT, AI, Machine Learning and more

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