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Creating a Customer-Focused Organization.

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Creating a Customer-Focused Organization

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, your customers expect personalized, expedited services that best fit their needs. To both meet and exceed their expectations, your organization needs to transform into a customer-centric digital organization. This customer-centric journey requires business and IT teams to think “outside of the box” and use new ideas and technologies in identifying customer needs, developing and delivering products all while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Maximizing the value of your data by leveraging new data and cloud technologies, instilling governance practices, and empowering Agile teams is the key to increasing enterprise maturity while improving the Customer Experience (CX).

Three Maturity Models to Support Your CX Needs

A Customer-centric organization requires true maturity across technology, data teams and processes. Our experts have created three maturity models to help you assess your current state, create actionable roadmaps for improvement and implement changes to mature your organization.

These maturity models are designed to help you gain maximum ROI from the adoption of Agile processes, Cloud technologies and data transformation. Together, the three models combine industry best practices, a culmination of Subject Matter Expertise and real-world application to deliver strategy, guidelines, recommendations, and validation criteria for reaching maturity.

Agile Data Maturity Model


Focuses on the technical capabilities and processes needed to build a data-driven company including:

  • Increasing scalability
  • Leveraging structured and unstructured data
  • Improving data quality, delivery and governance
  • Developing Advanced Analytics through Open Source and proprietary tools
  • Using NextGen Technologies: IoT, AI, Machine Learning and more

Agile Adoption Maturity Model


Addresses the cultural mindset and actions required to drive enterprise transformation, including:

  • Leveraging cross-functional teams
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Adopting Frameworks – SaFe, Agile Project Management, Kanban, Product Management
  • Increasing DevOps and Automation capabilities

Agile Cloud Maturity Model


Helps plan, optimize and vet cloud investments, including:

  • Developing strategy: prioritization, migration, technology
  • Managing legacy migration, use cases and adoption
  • Scaling infrastructure
  • Considering Budgets: tech debt, CapEx/OpEx, Managed Services
  • Ensuring governance, compliance and security

Agile Data Maturity Model


New technology is helping organizations extract even greater value from data, but to turn data into a greater asset, it is crucial that the underlying capabilities and culture required to become a data-driven company are in place first.

Successfully transforming into a data-driven company requires a roadmap to identify gaps in your current data infrastructure and to develop a logical, stepwise approach to building capabilities.

With the Agile Data Maturity Model, our experts can help you do just that. As a comprehensive framework, ADMM assesses your current core capabilities and dimensions, and then provides an actionable work plan to strengthen functions identified as immature or missing altogether.

Agile Adoption Maturity Model


Adopting Agile has numerous benefits to an organization – from improved quality to faster ROI. While implementing Agile for a specific team is rather quick, becoming an Agile organization requires a transformation across multiple levels – the team, project, portfolio and enterprise.

The Agile Adoption Maturity Model is a tool used to guide your company on the path to becoming a fully scaled Agile organization. Using our proprietary assessment and driven by our team of Agile experts, the AAMM evaluates your organization across a variety of dimensions and levels, to determine what stage of maturity you fall under in the critical areas of your business.

Agile Cloud Maturity Model


As more organizations are leveraging Cloud technology to reduce IT costs, increase scalability and improve services while focusing more on their actual business, the Cloud adoption journey has become a strategic priority.  The Agile Cloud Maturity Model (ACMM) helps you plan, scale and optimize your Cloud investments.

An ACMM-guided Cloud strategy brings industry experience and best practices leading to a smoother transition to the Cloud.

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