Develop code better, quicker and safer

Build Software With a Security Mindset

Building and operating applications in the Cloud require a dedicated, consistent focus on security. Utilizing DevSecOps, you can efficiently manage your entire development lifecycle with CI/CD principles and with security baked into every phase of development.

Reduce Costs

Fixing security problems in traditional development can be time consuming and costly. Bringing in security throughout allows you to accelerate development time of secure, reliable code.
Risk Management: Organizational Change Management

Improve Collaboration

Increasing communication and collaboration across teams is essential in a DevSecOps environment and culture is key.

Scale Development

Using continuous improvement and security principles allows for development at the speed of Agile.

Cloud Data

Ensure Compliance

Utilizing comprehensive risk assessments, security architecture design and compliance readiness helps maintain regulatory compliance.

Prepare Your Teams for AI and Machine Learning

DevSecOps plays a pivotal role in helping businesses advance their AI and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives. In the realm of AI and ML, data security and system reliability are paramount. The integration of DevSecOps enhances security and contributes to the overall reliability and efficiency of the systems. This enables organizations to respond more rapidly to changing requirements, identify and mitigate security risks early in the development process and maintain a resilient and secure environment for their AI and ML applications.

Our technologists address the entire spectrum of AI and ML implementation, from the meticulous setup of sophisticated AI models to the seamless construction of robust data pipelines. We recognize the critical importance of preparing for the AI revolution, and our expertise extends beyond the technical intricacies to include valuable insights on managing compute resources effectively. By partnering with xScion, enterprises gain a competitive edge, unlocking the true potential of AI to drive innovation, enhance decision-making and optimize processes.

Optimize Your Development Pipeline

Our experts can ensure secure product development with DevSecOp capabilities tailored to your needs.

DevOps Processes
Integrate tools into existing pipelines

Monitor outputs

Plan for and troubleshot vulnerabilities

Monitor outputs
Cloud Infrastructure
Leverage a “secure by default” approach built on Cloud technology
Provide IAC expertise for new builds and “lift and shifts”

Application Security
Build a security focus
Perform vulnerability tests

Assure process implementation within workloads, artifacts and teams
Knowledge Transfer
• Providing Engineers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners trained to document and
teach process and tool usage
• Providing SOWs with KT deliverables
DevSecOps: Optimize Your Development Pipeline

Leverage xScion’s DevSecOps Industry Partners

Azure DevOps xScion Partner

Azure DevOps Server is a Microsoft product that provides version control, reporting, requirements management, project management, automated builds, testing and release management capabilities. We partner with Azure DevOps to help clients choose the right DevOps services to complement existing workflows and optimize the entire application lifecycle. Learn more about our Partners

Sonatype: xScion Partners

We partner with Sonatype to ensure clients develop quality code, utilize DevOps and automation best practices, leverage robust code repositories and ensure development security. Learn more about our Partners

Mason Chaudhry

Maturing DevOps practices requires optimization of process, navigation through tool sprawl and buy in from all relevant parties. Our teams of engineers and coaches are laserfocused on fostering consensus on approaches and technology while also building applications on modern DevSecOps platforms.”

Mason Chaudhry
Chief Transformation Officer


Automation Tools Implementation

Utilize Cloud automation technologies to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Cloud Development

Test Automation

Leverage automation to accelerate testing cycles, reduce errors and create higher quality, reliable code.
Cloud Agnostic

Applications Development & Migration

Build using Cloudnative technologies or migrate applications into the Cloud.

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