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Become Customer-centric

Step one in any digital transformation initiative must be a dedicated effort to truly understand the needs of the customer. According to the Standish Group, 64 percent of features in an average enterprise application are “rarely” or “never” used. That means that almost two-thirds of all development time, costs and resources are wasted on features that were never needed by the customer. So how do you ensure you are creating features that your customers actually want and will use? By placing the customer at the forefront of development and transitioning to products with value streams.

Goodbye, Project Management.

Hello, Product Management.

To provide the best customer experience, you must transition your teams into the product journey, rather than follow the traditional project management practices. Why? By better understanding the problem space, you can create optimized products faster, cheaper and focused on two key things: the customer and quality. Product Management focuses on customer value rather than stringent timelines or fixed scope. In uncertain times like these, it equips firms with multiple Lean and Agile practices to stay flexible and true to the customer needs.

Introducing Product Genome

We believe organizations should take a customer-centric view aligned to solving the customer needs and issues in a fast-paced, Agile manner while reducing their development costs. However, a systematic and disciplined approach is needed to optimize the development effort without compromising quality.

Designed by Anant Dhavale, Product Genome is xScion’s holistic consulting framework that looks at Product Management in a structured way with a focus on defining the customer problem space. Product Genome helps enterprises to utilize the best and most applicable practices from other industry frameworks to fast track their Product Development efforts and reduce go-to-market timelines significantly. Whether you are just starting on the Product Management journey or have an existing practice, we can help you maximize your business goals.

“Product Management helps an organization create a clear product vision that is centered around the customer. It accelerates the time it takes to realize the business value, enhancing the value proposition of your organization in the marketplace. “

Product Owner



Agile Product Design & Development

Build customer experience Design Thinking including Product Vision and Strategy


Problem Space Exploration

Discover Product Management maturity across customer experience, technology and frameworks


Product Genome

Deliver technology implementations with end-to-end support for software product development

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