Product Management

Boost innovation and identify value

Accelerate Value Delivery

To deliver value more efficiently to customers, your teams must be Product focused, rather than follow traditional Project Management practices. Why? By better understanding the Problem Space, you can create optimized products faster, cheaper and focused on two key things: the customer and quality. Product Management focuses on customer value rather than stringent timelines or fixed scope. In uncertain environments, it equips firms with multiple Lean and Agile practices to stay flexible and true to the customer needs.

Optimize With Value Streams

Product Management: Optimize with Value Streams

Value Stream Management optimizes value delivery from your products and services and creates end-to-end transparency. Value Streams are aligned around customer value and strategic business objectives with feedback loops that help teams define and track value delivery. A Product Management approach to Value Stream management provides the agility to pivot quickly and intelligently while understanding the impact and tradeoffs of changes. By optimizing Value Streams using a Product approach, teams optimize investments and deliver maximum value as quickly as possible.

Public Sector and Compliance-driven Organizations

We understand that digital products work differently at Public Sector organizations. Implementing Product Management practices can be even more crucial – as all products are intertwined within your ecosystem and created to best support your mission. We can help support your Product Management goals within the confines of your regulatory compliance needs.

Map organization capabilities and processes

Create a system-wide perspective of your people, processes and systems

Understand your bi-modal technology infrastructure and needs

Establish continuous learning loops for product development

xScion’s Product Genome

We believe organizations should take a customer-centric view aligned to solving the customer needs and issues in a fast-paced, Agile manner while reducing their development costs. However, a systematic and disciplined approach is needed to optimize the development effort without compromising quality.

Product Genome is xScion’s holistic consulting framework that looks at Product Management in a structured way with a focus on defining the customer Problem Space. Product Genome helps organizations to utilize the best and most applicable practices from other industry frameworks to fast track their Product Development efforts and reduce go-to-market timelines significantly.

Whether you are just starting on the Product Management journey or have an existing practice, we can help you efficiently achieve your business goals.

Why xScion?

Methodology Agnostic

We help you with customized Agile solutions to meet the specific needs unique to your organization.

Train to Sustain™

We focus on knowledge transfer by training your teams while doing the work and leaving a lasting impact.

Product Genome

Our customizable approach prepares your enterprise for the Project to Product transformation at all levels.

Value Focus

We help optimize Value Streams to eliminate waste, understand the true cost of ownership and measure value.
Arpita Raval

“I help the client articulate the holistic view for the Future State, which allows team members to be more collaborative with customers as well as outside vendors.”

Arpita Raval
Product Business Architect


Product Genome

Maximize value from technology implementations with a customizable, multi-faceted, end-to-end Product approach.

Agile: SAFe Groundwork & Implementation

Value Stream Optimization

Align with Lean principles to streamline engineering solutions, eliminate inefficiencies and optimize Value Streams for rapid value delivery.

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