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Apptio: xScion Partners

Trusted Technology Investment Decisions

Helping organizations understand and visualize their technology costs will improve business outcomes and create lasting value. xScion partners with Apptio to ensure clients and their teams understand how to develop requirements, use cases and reporting information to get the most of their cost visualization using Apptio.

Amazon Web Services: xScion Partner

Reliable, Scalable and Inexpensive Cloud Computing Services

As more mission-driven, Public sector enterprises migrate to the Cloud, understanding evolving technologies, tools and methodologies has become essential. xScion partners with AWS to help them stay ahead of the constant changes in Cloud-native technologies, security and standards requirements including NIST, FedRAMP and migration strategies.

Denodo: xScion Partners

Leader in Data Virtualization

As more organizations look beyond visualization to make their data actionable, xScion partners with Denodo to better address data access, governance and delivery for customers. Through this collaboration, xScion designs data solutions that can be leveraged to optimize data analytics and reporting.

Sonatype: xScion Partners

Software Supply Chain Security

Ensuring quality and security in Application Development are crucial to every organization. xScion partners with Sonatype to ensure they develop quality code, utilize DevOps and Automation best practices, leverage robust code repositories and ensure security within development.

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