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Become a Digitally Transformed Financial Institution

Society and technology are moving faster than the current business models can adapt. This is particularly seen in Financial Institutions, which continue to face challenges from all sides:

  • Digital savvy customer expectations put pressure on products and services
  • Non-traditional financial services businesses disrupt legacy operating models
  • Ever-growing regulatory and security concerns require increased investment
  • Exponential evolution in technology forces rapid innovation and adoption

These factors, and many others, are putting enormous pressure on Financial Institutions.  Therefore, broad transformation is paramount.

The good news is that Financial Services companies have executed digital transformation initiatives for years. Many digital product innovations have emerged including revolutions in branch experience, digital money transfer, and customer service. Unfortunately, these are often isolated initiatives that have transformative traits (Agile, Product Management mindset, etc.). Success is difficult to repeat at scale which limits adoption. These wins are also not keeping pace with customer expectations.

According to a recent Lightico survey:


of survey respondents believe that digital banking journeys are broken or require off-line expectations.


expect banks to drive digital interaction for their safety.

Engineering a New Way of Banking

Broad transformative adoption requires focus on incremental success. Keys to success include rallying around the customer; aligning business, technology and product to a single set of common goals; and identifying measurable short-term results to create momentum.

In doing so, xScion is able to shift organizations:



Top-down prolonged decision making & budgets

Quick flexible decisions with VC-style funding

“Co-located” teams with multiple handoffs

Self-sufficient multi-functional end-to-end teams

Requirements management

Wide-scale adoption

Distributed owners with disparate goals

A single owner with common enterprise-wide goals

Infrastructure as a destination

Cloud as an enabler

Data as an asset

Analytics to drive customer engagement

Automated testing

Automated processes

Infrequent releases when code is perfect

Rapid releases when there is value

We Can Help

xScion has years of experience in helping banks, credit unions and financial institutions leverage technology to drive business value. Our approach is to maximize quick measurable wins in service of long-term goals. In addition, our clients benefit from a co-creation approach where we align our practitioner to internal teams to ensure that we maximize knowledge transfer. As a technology-centric organization, we understand the value of immediate ROI and development of your teams. Your needs drive our solutions. We custom deliver results in tangible, incremental phases that bring you quick value – from an assessment, technology validation, development or strategic execution.

Carl Goodman

Financial Institutions face multiple challenges, including customer expectations for more self-service features, a better digital experience and increased competition from FinTechs and online banks. In response, commercial banks are increasingly prioritizing digital transformation initiatives to accelerate their modernization efforts. By implementing new technologies and processes that are crucial for modernization, we work hand-in-hand with financial institutions to Turn Change Into Value.”

Carl Goodman
Senior Director of Technology Delivery

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