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New Thinking and Tools to Empower Your Data

In today’s world, the decisions on how to access, utilize and secure your organization’s data are endless. The amount of data your organization has access to is growing exponentially. New data technologies are coming to the market en masse. Processes and methodology options are expanding the ways data can be used to make decisions. Security requirements are also becoming more complex.

How do you navigate this sea of ever-growing data options to select the smartest, cost-efficient and secure decisions for your organization?

Optimize Your Data Lifecycle

We understand the full data lifecycle and can help you make the best technology, methodology and utilization choices to meet your business value needs.

  • Uncover desired outcomes
  • Create the right use cases
  • Develop Proof of Concepts
  • Create ROI

Agile Data Maturity Model

Optimizing the data lifecycle is crucial for digital enterprises that want to leverage data as a true asset. Without a mature data lifecycle, companies struggle with poor data quality, lack of governance or inconsistent flow across the organization. The Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) assesses the gaps in your current data infrastructure and helps you develop a logical, stepwise approach to creating an end-to-end, strategic data approach.

ADMM focuses on the technical capabilities and processes needed to optimize your data, including:

  • Increasing scalability
  • Leveraging structured and unstructured data
  • Improving data quality, delivery and governance
  • Developing Advanced Analytics through Open Source and proprietary tools
  • Using NextGen Technologies: IoT, AI, Machine Learning and more

“Enterprises are going ablaze with the huge eruption of data around the globe and are confronting difficult decisions about how and when to move on from the legacy to private Clouds (AWS, Azure, Google). Adapting Big Data, Cloud strategies lead them to grow more than their peers economically and with stability.”

Big Data Developer



Data Strategy & Architecture

Align business goals to data strategy and architecture

Analytics & Visualization

Provide infrastructure, environments and tools for analytics and visualization

Design & Development

Provide analysis and models towards data infrastructure

Data Governance

Define Data Governance maturity and implement Governance tools


Data Integration

Leverage Enterprise Architecture principals to improve information flow

Identity Lifecycle Management

Ensure data security through new process and technology

Success Stories

Transforming from Data Aware to Data Driven

Learn how xScion leveraged its Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) to assess the data gaps of a large healthcare nonprofit and provide an executable strategy for improving several data capabilities, including Data Governance.

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Data Architecture Definition and Design

Learn how xScion helped a global nonprofit dedicated to improving public health to establish data management and governance processes critical to establishing a robust data foundation.

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Achieving Claims Intelligence with Data Analytics

Learn how xScion helped a large healthcare client expand their data platform’s impact and deepen business intelligence by developing proprietary analytics tools.

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Latest Thinking

GoverNOTS – 7 Assumptions Not to Make

Learn about common Data Governance challenges that can delay or hinder your success. Our experts share real world stories of incorrect assumptions and what not to do with tips and guidance for overcoming these hurdles.

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30 Min: Create Your Playbook to Become a Data Company

Learn how the Agile Data Maturity Model helps you identify gaps in your current enterprise operations and develop a clear roadmap to becoming a data-driven company.

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How to Protect Your Company’s Data Anytime, Anywhere & On Any Device

Learn how to provide the data-driven experience users demand while practicing good data stewardship.

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