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Continuous Improvement Through Enterprise Agility

Every organization is unique and requires different levels of cultural change to achieve Agile success. As organizations become more nimble and product-focused, they must work seamlessly together with a greater level of Agile maturity to respond to ever-changing market demands.

xScion provides customized Enterprise Agility solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs. From full transformation to focused-area support, we offer industry expertise and hands-on coaching to create hybrid solutions specifically tailored to your unique environment.

“Most organizations are complex structures with differing levels of acceptance. What works for one team, may not work for another.

xScion’s Agile Practice Team is uniquely chosen to help our partners understand which solution will work best for their team. We go further than just teaching Agile. Our “Train to Sustain” method transfers knowledge by working alongside our partners through their journey. We then offer regular follow-ups to ensure continuous improvement is built into the process. Our efforts create the lasting value expected from an Agile transformation.”


xScion's Agile Practice Lead

Train to Sustain

Actual transformation requires hands-on-training in customer environments. Our experts will work alongside your customer teams to create lasting partnerships focused on knowledge share rather than coaching from afar.

With semi-annual value realization checks after the initial implementation, our Agilists help create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. This equips your team to quickly respond to challenges and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Measuring Success While Scaling Agile and Product Practices

Customized Agile Solutions

Enterprise Agility requires maturity throughout an entire organization – beyond just IT. Addressing how teams collaborate across corporate functions is an essential part of Agile maturity, but many organizations are challenged in transforming processes, budgets and roles midstream.

Our experts help you identify opportunities and quickly pivot with a focus on efficiency, speed to value and serving your customers the best way possible.

Current State Assessments

Transformation Roadmap


Community Best Practices

Hands-on, Customized Coaching for Teams, Portfolio, Enterprise and Executives

Review Process & Technical Procedures for Agile Optimization

Place Agile Experts Across Your Enterprise (Coaches, Developers, Product, QA, DevOps, RTE)

Why xScion?

Methodology Agnostic

We can help you regardless of what Agile methodology you use, even if it’s a customized hybrid.

Executive Coaching

Adoption at the Executive level is a challenge we are skilled at solving.

Custom Coaching Option

We can help you throughout your entire transformation or provide support in just a few areas, depending upon your unique needs and challenges.

Integrative Framework

We infuse Agile throughout your entire organization to ensure success, including QA, Business Architecture, CI/CD, App Development, Cultural and Organizational changes, Leadership and Communications.

Change Agents

Our Agile Practitioners will be your Change Agents, evangelizing the culture of change at every organizational layer and helping you achieve the business Agility required to cope with uncertain times and unpredictable market events.

Achieve Agile Maturity with the Agile Adoption Maturity Model

Adopting Agile has numerous benefits to an organization – from improved quality to faster ROI. While implementing Agile for a specific team can be rather quick, becoming an Agile organization requires a transformation across multiple levels – the team, project, portfolio and enterprise. The Agile Adoption Maturity Model (AAMM) is a tool used to guide your company on the path to becoming a fully scaled Agile organization. Using our proprietary assessment and driven by our team of Agile experts, the AAMM evaluates your organization across a variety of dimensions and levels to determine what stage of maturity you fall under in the critical areas of your business.


Partnering with Industry Leaders

Helping organizations understand and visualize their technology costs will improve business outcomes and create lasting value. xScion partners with Apptio to ensure clients and their teams understand how to develop requirements, use cases and reporting information to get the most of their cost visualization using Apptio.

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Peggy Alvarado, xScion Agile Coach

“At xScion, I’m able to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with other Agilists, continuously learn the latest methodologies and deliver measurable value to clients by  modernizing their technologies and business operations. I’m learning new ways Agile can be applied to different organizations by working side-by-side with our clients.”

Agile Coach


Agile Groundwork & Implementation

Agile Groundwork & Implementation

Optimize and mature Agile best practices to meet strategic needs

Agile Solutions

Lean Portfolio Management

Managing Portfolios using Products and Value Streams

Agile in Federally Regulated

Agile in Federally Regulated

Implement Agile in heavily regulated ecosystems

Agile: SAFe Groundwork & Implementation

SAFe Groundwork & Implementation

SAFe Practices beyond theoretical classroom training and coaching

Agile: Customized Agile Support

Customized Agile Support

Tailored solutions for enterprise specific needs

Success Stories

Agile Product Development and Delivery of Customer Service Portal

Agile Product Development and Delivery of Customer Service Portal

Read how xScion used Agile Product Development principles and practices to help a large, federal health payer develop a platform providing 4 million members a one-stop shop for member information with full digital functionality (mobile, tablet, desktop).

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Agile Product Management Transformation

Read how xScion successfully developed Agile Product Management processes and culture for a global pharmaceutical non-profit that brought IT and business functions together with a new focus on value streams rather than projects.

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Scaling Agile with AAMM

Learn how xScion leveraged its proprietary Agile Adoption Maturity Model (AAMM) to assist one of the largest banks in the United States to assess maturity, create a foundation of understanding, build cultural buy-in and train teams for success.

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Yes, Project Managers Exist in an Agile World

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Transform into Product-centric with Agile & Cloud

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xScion Announces Partnership with Apptio

Together, Apptio’s Technology Business Management (TBM) and xScion’s Advisory Consulting Services Help Clients Realize Value of Technology Investments

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