Mike HokeAs Client Partner, Mike Hoke works directly with clients to understand their unique needs and ensure xScion provides value-focused services that help drive change in their organization. Mike loves helping people and using his creative, outside-the-box approach to develop new and innovative ways to solve challenges, both of which align perfectly with the work he does at xScion.

Mike’s career in business development spans more than 12 years with deep experience in the Financial, Insurance, Education and Technology industries. He began his career in the Financial industry with companies like Liberty Mutual and Farmers. Early on, Mike developed a system to analyze the competitiveness of his company’s auto and home insurance rates by zip code, across the state of California, which enabled him to target his marketing and prospecting efforts in areas where his offering was the most valuable to perspective customers. That process and tool enabled Mike to become the number one auto insurance producer in his peer group in all of California.

Mike next worked with First American Education Finance to provide creative, short-term funding solutions for technology and infrastructure upgrades in the education industry. At FAEF, Mike closed the largest deal in the company’s history – $13.7M – which led to the creation of an entirely new market line for the company.

One of Mike’s first jobs was working at his family car and truck rental business. As the business experienced ups and downs, he learned that failure was never an option and his drive to succeed became inextricably linked to his desire to serve his family, not simply collect a paycheck. Mike learned how to overcome adversities and develop innovate approaches to problem-solving; skills that he now utilizes with his clients and partners.

Mike holds a both an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from George Mason University, both of which has served him well in his career. In his free time, Mike enjoys traveling with his family.