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Transforming the Customer Experience in Financial Services Organizations.

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Meet the Needs of Today’s Digital Financial Customer

In today’s rapidly changing financial services world, you need to create a customer-centric digital organization to meet the expectations of your customers. Customers expect highly personalized services offered in a method that best fits their unique needs – whether via mobile, customized apps, third-party partnerships, ATMs or in person. Having the platforms to support this, plus the increasing drive for Digital Origination, is crucial for your success.

Create and Optimize Your Customer Experience

A successful customer experience requires organizations to master new types of interactions with its customers. Leveraging new processes and technologies implemented by cross-functional teams as rapidly as possible empowers internal teams to create the most consumable products that exceed today’s customer demands.  Our experts can help reduce friction in the customer journey by supporting the design, build and implementation of digital platforms that leverage:

Infrastructure and Cloud Technologies

  • Increase flexibility in IT infrastructure including supporting core transactions on mainframes, shared services and cloud technology for digital and new apps
  • Transition to an enterprise shared services model and leverage managed services where applicable

Data Improvements

  • Become data-driven by unlocking the potential of your organization’s data through improvements to data architecture, storage and governance
  • Increase availability of data by leveraging the Cloud
  • Empower business users with advanced analytics driven by Hadoop, Cloud-native and data science technologies
  • Mitigate foundational data problems by developing data roadmaps

Modernization and NextGen Technologies

  • Improve profitability by focusing on your core business and get out of the infrastructure and data center business
  • Leverage Open Source tools along with traditional technology to allow your organization to reduce costs while empowering developers with the speed, flexibility and constant improvements found in Open Source tools
  • Adopt data-driven technologies, such as CI/CD, Blockchain and native AppDev

How Mature is Your Customer Experience?

A Customer-centric financial organization requires advanced maturity across technology, data and people processes. Our experts have created three maturity models to help you assess your current state, create actionable roadmaps for improvement and implement changes to mature your organization.

Agile Data Maturity Model

Measure your data maturity through analysis of six operational dimensions – Governance, Data Management, Organization, Quality Engineering, Architecture and Analytics.

Agile Adoption Maturity Model

Examine the value of Agile practices across the Team, Project, Portfolio and Enterprise levels.

Agile Cloud Maturity Model

Guide your adoption of the Cloud to leverage Managed Services and implement DevOps.



Our team of experts can help you with:

Data Services:

  • Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Design & Development
  • Data Integration
  • Visualization
  • Analytics
  • Data Governance

Agile Transformation:

  • Agile & Scaled Agile
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Strategy
  • Program Management

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