Drive continuous development and testing with a DevOps mindset.

Shorten Development Cycle

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Reduce Errors

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DevOps and Cloud Have Become the Optimal Way to Build and Deploy Software.

The xScion Difference

DevOps Mindset

Our experts look at your organization as a whole, with your future state in mind, to create a transitional roadmap, training and cultural shift to support DevOps. This approach encourages a “DevOps mindset” for planning that recognizes cultural changes required to foster acceptance, identify needs unique to your operating environment and develop the metrics needed to gauge success.

Agile/DevOps Center of Excellence

Developing an Agile/DevOps Center of Excellence within the DevOps journey helps foster leadership within a delivery organization and also seeds up maturity and acceptance of the changes required to sync development, operations and other teams together. The Center of Excellence provides guidance on program governance, development of KPIs, DevOps workshops and project in-take guidelines.

Pilots to Scaling Out

No matter where your organization is in the DevOps journey, pilot programs are essential in setting up the next part of your DevOps program. Through value-stream exercises and collaboration, your organization can identify the end to end as-is process, tooling, manual and automated processes, and skills that are best suited for implementing the next set of DevOps practices. By identifying the successful outputs of the pilots and remedying issues found through collaboration, organizations can begin scaling out to run multiple release trains from different application portfolios.

3 Keys Areas for DevOps Success

Cloud Migration

What can the Cloud do for me?

The Cloud can provide a single “control panel” for flexible services that deploy faster, require less infrastructure complexity with greater security features to improve costs.

Our experts can help you take full advantage of the Cloud by:

  • Providing solutions designed to address development, storage, analytics, and disaster recovery needs
  • Designing the strategy and architecture required to develop pilots or scale existing services and data into to the cloud
  • Supporting your migration needs from lift-and-shift, partial refactoring to full refactoring
  • Evaluating the impact of cloud adoption to your business


What If Everything Was Continuous?

Achieving Continuous Integration and Deployment in your delivery organization can provide an abundance of advantages such as the ability to build now, build faster and build repeatable processes while increasing code coverage and quality.

Behavior Driven Development: Gets rid of any activities that aren’t necessary, making less work for everyone and giving stakeholders exactly what they want.

IaaS & PaaS

Is Your Infrastructure Keeping Pace with New Innovation and Your Competition?

The adoption of managed services allows IT teams to focus on their actual business instead of being in an infrastructure or data center business. Leveraging IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS allows organizations to:

  • Reduce costs of maintaining commodity hardware that has a shelf life and limited capacity
  • Scale up or down in response to business needs
  • Develop high availability for your business users

We Can Help.

A prerequisite for adoption of IaaS and PaaS includes having the right resources in place to address the development and maintenance requirement of managed platforms. Our experts can fill technology gaps as your team composition evolves to support as-a-service platforms, including:

  • Supporting the development of various PaaS that can mimic application servers such Azure, IBM SmartCloud, and Amazon services and also focused PaaS platforms designed to support cloud applications through middleware
  • Leveraging the power of Big Data and data science through implementation of a Hadoop PaaS on platforms such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and AWS


Our team of experts can help you with:

Cloud Migration

  • Workloads and Data Flow
  • Application Readiness and Sustainability
  • Interoperability and Dependencies
  • Non-functional Requirements: Security, Regulatory, Compliance Standards
  • Resourcing Requirements and Costs

Sample Technologies:
AWS, Azure, Rackspace

Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Architecture

Sample Technologies:
Azure, Openshift

CI (Continuous Integration)

  • Strategy and Version Management
  • Test Automation
  • Build Automation, Code Repository Maintenance, Environment Development
  • Necessary Backup Developments

Sample Technologies:
Jenkins, Bamboo

CD (Continuous Development)

  • Pipeline Management: Coding, Building, Packaging, Deploying
  • Micro Services Development
  • Staging Environment Automation and Building

Sample Technologies:
Puppet, Chef

Big Data

  • Data Lake Design and Architecture
  • Data Migration Implementation
  • Hadoop Cluster Management

Sample Technologies:
Hortonworks, Cloudera, AWS

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