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The volume of data available to companies is increasing exponentially. Technology now exists for companies to harness the power and value of their data so they can better serve customers and gain competitive advantage. What is your data strategy?

We can help you develop data strategies, deploy them across your organization, and use them to continuously evolve as technology changes to gain deeper insights and solve your unique challenges.

The Agile Data Maturity Model:

The Playbook For Becoming a Data Company

Successfully transforming into a data-driven company requires a roadmap that identifies gaps and provides a logical, stepwise approach to building capabilities. With the Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM), our experts can help you do just that.


How Does ADMM Work?

As a comprehensive framework, ADMM assesses your current core capabilities and dimensions and then provides an actionable work plan to strengthen functions identified as weak or missing altogether.

Encompassing best practices and ideals from CMMI, Master Data Management and others, ADMM provides guidance on what must be accomplished to increase maturity with a practical and real-world approach. Unlike other approaches, the ADMM is rooted in reality and provides an executable roadmap to achieve more advanced maturity levels that enable greater extraction of business value from data.

Where Do You Stand?

Take our brief self-assessment to identify a baseline of your current capabilities and identify steps to progress through Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced levels to a reach a fully optimized state.

Services to Help With All Your Needs

We’re vendor neutral—which produces influence-free insights that can drive the bold steps to reinvent operating cost structures, market position and relationships with customers.


Our team of experts can help you with:

Data Strategy

  • Business Objectives
  • Use Cases
  • Roadmaps

Data Architecture

  • E2E Architecture
  • Data Source Analysis & Modeling
  • Proof of Concepts

Sample Technologies:
ER Studio, Oracle SQL Developer, IBM InfoSphere

Design & Development

  • Domain & Functionality Analysis
  • Entities / Table Design
  • Proof of Concepts

Data Integration

  • Data Synchronicity
  • Systems Data Flow Analysis
  • Systems Performance

Sample Technologies:
Informatica, MuleSoft, Talend


  • OpenSource
  • Customized BI
  • Dashboarding

Sample Technologies:
Tableau, Hue, Microstrategy


  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Data Science

Sample Technologies:
Pentaho, Databricks, Splunk

Data Governance

  • Strategy
  • Availability, Usability, Integrity
  • Tool Implementation
  • Training

Sample Technologies:
Alation, Podium

Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)

  • ILM Strategy, Tool Section & Architecture
  • Privileged Information Management (PIM) Implementation
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) Implementation
  • Data Masking & Security

Sample Technologies:
CyberARK, Radiant Logic


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