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Automation is a Requirement

Digital transformation, through Automation, is no longer an option, but rather a requirement for companies who want to succeed. Today, companies must reduce operational costs and be faster at understanding and delivering upon client expectations. Automation allows for both.

The umbrella of Automation includes a wide range of practices across the People, Process and Technology landscape. While “Business Process” Automation suites like Pega help enterprises to streamline their workflows, DevOps Automation Practices help companies accelerate the development and release process exponentially whilst boosting security and scale. Technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help automate Business Process workflows traversing the entire enterprise.

Whether you are aiming to speed track your development and release cycles or automate your DevOps pipelines, we can help you on your Automation journey.


Meet and Exceed Client Expectations

  • Leverage automation to accelerate the realization of products
  • Increase quality, efficiency and productivity
  • Improve speed to market
  • Respond to customer needs in an accelerated manner

Reduce Costs with Automation Technologies

  • Reduce potential errors through human touchpoints
  • Create repetition at scale
  • Increase speed to value of technology investments
  • Create greater transparency of workflows

Make the Most of Your Automation Investments

  • Assess your existing technology infrastructure
  • Onboard new Automation technology
  • Understand new processes needed to support Automation
  • Integrate with current system
  • Maintain compliance and meet industry regulations
  • Achieve scalability through open and flexible architecture

Learn by Doing – 2 Different Options

xScion Dojo

Our Dojo training embeds our Automation experts within your team for side-by-side, in-depth training.

  • Identify and close skill gaps
  • Create culture of collaboration and inclusion
  • Provide team with time to learn new skills
  • Create a risk-free learning environment
  • Identify internal disciples to facilitate future Dojos

xScion Innovation Lab

A virtual lab that allows clients to test and solve complex Automation challenges within a secure sandbox.

  • Develop and test code
  • Train and grow your team’s skillsets
  • Speed up product releases with increased quality

“Let’s automate IT to ensure consistency, scalability, and stability. Let’s build IT and grow exponentially together!”

Automation Developer




Create delivery pipelines with a focus on security

Test Automation Architecture & Rationalization

Improve software quality through enhanced testing Automation


Business Process Management

Model and optimize business processes

Success Stories

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Improve Payment Integrity by Paying the Right Provider

Learn how xScion helped a national healthpayer to leverage machine learning and automation to reduce the need for manual review and enable the client to devote human resources to higher value activities.

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Using Automation and Analytics to Achieve a 15% Reduction in Pended Volume

Read how xScion transofrmed a manually intesive, legacy claims processing model of a large national care provider to an adapative, real-time automation and analytics platform.

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