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Data is an important competitive advantage for all companies – regardless of size or industry. If your company is like most, it may lack the processes and controls needed to properly manage and effectively leverage your data. Most companies recognize that data is at the core of everything they do, yet they continue to keep data in silos and rush to purchase the latest technology, thinking that it will transform their business. Technology can help bring business value from your data, but it is crucial that the underlying capabilities and culture required to become a data-driven company are in place first.

Successfully transforming into a data-driven company requires a roadmap that identifies gaps and provides a logical, stepwise approach to building capabilities. With the Agile Data Maturity Model, our experts can help you do just that.

What Exactly is the Agile Data Maturity Model? 

The Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) is a framework and toolkit that can provide your organization with a roadmap to becoming a data-driven company.

As a comprehensive framework, ADMM assesses your current core capabilities and dimensions, and then provides an actionable work plan to strengthen functions identified as weak or missing altogether.

Encompassing best practices and ideals from CMMI, Master Data Management and others, ADMM provides guidance on what must be accomplished to increase maturity with a practical and real-world approach. Unlike some other approaches, the ADMM is rooted in reality and provides an executable roadmap to achieve more advanced maturity levels to enable greater extraction of business value from data.

How Does It Work? 

We evaluate your current technologies, processes and policies based from four unique viewpoints:

  • Data Dimensions – five high-level categories identifying specific types of operational characteristics
  • Data Capabilities – associated to each unique dimension, capabilities are detailed functional categories that are implemented and have a measurable impact on how well an organization manages data
  • Milestones – the underlying work that needs to be done in order to achieve a certain maturity level
  • Maturity Level – quantitative score used to demonstrate how well developed a dimension is

After the initial assessment, our ADMM experts define your current state, develop a roadmap for maturity based on your goals, and train your team or provide our expertise as needed.

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Construction Big Data Case Study

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Construction Big Data Case Study

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