Agile Cloud Maturity Model

Optimizing Cloud Technologies So You Can Focus On Your Core Business.

Reduce IT Costs

Increase Scalability

Leverage Native Cloud Technologies

Focus on Core Business

Mitigate Risks

Plan, Scale and Optimize Your Cloud Investments

Most companies are still trying to figure out the best way to leverage their cloud investments. How do you best utlize cloud technologies to reduce your IT costs, increase scalability and improve services while focusing more on your actual business?

We can help your cloud adoption journey become a successful priority.

Introducing the Agile Cloud Maturity Model


The Agile Cloud Maturity Model (ACMM) helps organizations plan, scale and optimize cloud investments. ACMM was designed to guide technology leaders and developers identify business systems and data that are suitable for cloud migration. It is a carefully planned model that develops roadmaps needed to transition from an adhoc approach to optimal cloud adoption by considering the suitability, technology and skill sets required for success.

Designed to Mature Your Cloud Adoption

ACMM helps you determine the opportunities and costs associated with cloud adoption and provide insights on the latest industry trends and best practices.

The Agile Cloud Maturity Model is designed to help:

  • Organizations understand their current state and assess opportunities to optimize services
  • Develop roadmap outlining steps required to move to the cloud while minimizing costs, risk and complexities
  • Develop a holistic cloud strategy for scaling infrastructure, provisioning, leveraging open source and proprietary technology, and choosing from public, private and multi-cloud options
  • Design strategy to address data security, compliance and governance needs
  • Implement best practices that lead to higher-performing cross-functional teams and helps increases ROI from cloud investments

An ACMM guided cloud strategy brings industry experience and best practices leading a smoother transition to the cloud. Plus, ACMM is a technology agnostic model that can be tailored to address the needs of our clients.

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