Agile Adoption Maturity Model

The Playbook for Becoming an Agile Organization.

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Achieve Agile Maturity Across All Levels of Your Organization:

Team, Project, Portfolio & Enterprise 

Adopting Agile has numerous benefits to an organization – from improved quality to faster ROI. While implementing Agile for a specific team is rather quick, becoming an Agile organization requires a transformation across multiple levels – the team, project, portfolio and enterprise.

Transformation is a journey that requires planning, expertise and cultural shifts. Our team of Agile experts have developed a comprehensive model to guide you through a successful transformation – from your current starting place to enterprise wide Agile maturity.

How Mature is Your Agile Organization?
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A Unique Transformation Tailored For Your Organization

No two companies are exactly the same – and the culture, processes, leadership and especially the Agile transformation at your business are exclusively yours. Why use an out of the box solution to solve these complex challenges that only your company fully understands?

At xScion, our experts have trained, assessed and successfully modernized our clients’ technology operations into high effective, mature Agile enterprises. Using a hands-on Agile approach at leading Healthcare and Financial organizations nationwide, we’ve developed a fully comprehensive model that will transform your company into a highly efficient Agile-scaled enterprise.

What Exactly is the Agile Adoption Maturity Model (AAMM)?

The Agile Adoption Maturity Model is a tool used to guide your company on the path to becoming a fully scaled Agile organization. Using our proprietary assessment and lead by our team of Agile experts, AAMM evaluates your organization across a variety of dimensions and levels, to determine what stage of maturity you fall under in the assessed areas of your business.

The AAMM results allow our team to quickly identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses, create a customized roadmap for improved performance, provide valuable guidance to help you determine priority areas within the organization, partner with you throughout the implementation and provide training to your technology team where needed. The result is a high performing Agile organization – where each business unit is highly effective, the quality of the product or service offering has vastly improved, and there is an obvious increase in both customer and employee satisfaction throughout the company. Sounds like a dream, right? We can make it happen.

How Does It Work?

We evaluate your current platform by reviewing your People, Process and Technology in the following areas:

  • Agile Dimensions – Nine high level categories identifying specific types of operational characteristics
  • Agile Capabilities – Associated to each unique dimension, capabilities are detailed functional categories that are implemented and have a measurable impact on how Agile an organization is
  • Organizational Level – Review of each capability across four levels of the organization
  • Maturity Level – Quantitative score used to demonstrate how well developed a dimension is

After the initial assessment, our AAMM experts assess and evaluate your current state, develop a roadmap for maturity based on your goals and timeline, and train your team or provide our expertise as needed.

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Construction Big Data Case Study

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Construction Big Data Case Study

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Construction Big Data Case Study

Read the Case Study

Construction Big Data Case Study

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