SMART Strategy

The Roadmap to success starts with strategy.


Minimize Time-To-Value

Measure Results

Evolve Core Capabilities

Adapt Quickly


of companies are successful in formulating a strategy
BUT fail to implement it in terms of daily operations.


We help you determine where you want to go, how to get there and – just as importantly – how to measure your achievements. Change is happening rapidly across all areas of business, leaving the traditional 3-to-5-year planning horizon impractical. We can help you deliver value in the near term while maintaining the ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment.

At xScion, we believe you must continuously evolve and grow – and our experts can help plan, execute and measure your success with our SMART Strategy.

Is your strategy agile?
It should be.

Our proprietary process ensures the capabilities and functions of your business are developed to become adaptable to broader change forces. Long-term strategic plans are broken into short-term, discreet programs, delivering the minimum capability or service to meet immediate needs while subject to constant data-driven evaluation to determine if they are achieving the expected outcomes.

Agile Strategic Planning


Build capabilities, services and functions adaptable to change


Rank and develop based on priority, allowing modifications as business conditions warrant


Provide minimum viable service or capability and continuously adapt as needed


Continually assess and reassess empirical data of programs in flight


Our team of experts can help you with:

Readiness Assessment

Maximize enterprise strengths to address underlying weaknesses

  • Define the future mission, vision, strategic goals and success metrics
  • Understand which internal and external forces are adversely impacting the enterprise
  • Assess whether current capabilities are sufficient to achieve the future state

Transformation Roadmap

Define the journey then act to achieve success

  • Align Operations, Business and IT Strategy
  • Prioritize short- , medium- and long-range opportunities & initiatives
  • Demonstrate value through a compelling case for action

Analysis of Alternatives

Using objective rationale to identify & select your “Optimal” solution

  • Survey a range of alternatives (build, buy or hybrid) and recommend a procurement approach for either a new program or the continuance of an existing program
  • Ensure the best value and technical match to the need
  • Provide a foundation for subsequent acquisition activities such as: Technology Development Strategy, Request for Proposal or Test & Evaluation Strategy

Technology Evaluation Program

Validate vendor promises and acquire the “Right” technology

  • Evaluate one or more COTS technology products without a “build” option
  • Achieve consistency, traceability and defensibility of the evaluation results
  • Provide foundation for subsequent procurement activities

Our results speak for themselves.

$ Realized in Savings (millions)


Reduced Medicare Readmissions


Increased in Productivity

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