John has been in the technology consulting business for nearly 20 years.  Even though he lived in Virginia, his first client was actually a health care system in Alaska only 50 miles away from Russia!  John joined Acuity Technology Services in 1997 and was consistently a top Account Executive in the organization.  It was there that he first worked with xScion Co-Founder Barry Dwyer.  After Acuity was purchased by Metro and later by Keane, John left to start an IT consulting firm named Resolvit with two other partners.  At Resolvit, John ran the Washington DC office which grew to over 50 employees before John left the area in 2006.  He moved to Princeton, NJ after divesting his equity in the company and in 2007 joined a regional firm named BICITIS Group.  While living in NJ, John and his wife, Sheridan, founded Crestwood Montessori School in Somerset, NJ and they owned and operated that school until they returned to Virginia in 2013.

John is excited to be back in the DC Area to rejoin Barry and the rest of the xScion team as he believes xScion is positioned perfectly to do some great work for our clients and expand our footprint.