SMART Enterprise Operations

Delivery is key to maximizing value.

Increase Efficiencies

Become Agile

Achieve Stability

Reduce Costs

Expedite Delivery

Great ideas need great execution.


Our SMART Enterprise Operations can help you quickly transform your business and technology while managing risk and creating successful outcomes. We bring technical resources, project management and cloud/hybrid technology solution models to incrementally deliver change.



Our team of experts can help you with:

Business Transformation

Taking a magnifying glass to business processes to improve completion times, reduce investment and increase service transparency.

  • Redesign business workflows and mapping in order to remove bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency
  • Validate compliance assurance through review of system processes
  • Increase access to accurate data
  • Align new technologies and processes with business goals
  • Increase business agility and responsiveness without increased burden on IT resources, systems or budgets

Business Process Reengineering   

Reimagining the processes, people and technology to achieve a successful digital transformation.

  • Define the desired end goal and assess the current state
  • Dive deep into internal processes, culture and technology capabilities
  • Reimagine and map all transitions to achieve outcome
  • Improve continuously through training, tools and evaluations to ensure optimized results

Tailored Application Development

Developing pilot projects, new offerings or complete enterprise solutions, our SMART model provides maximum enterprise value.

  • Deliver projects using Agile principles while adapting to the specific needs of an organization
  • Focus on quality with SMART best practices throughout the full development lifecycle application
  • Support legacy migrations to next generation technology
  • Leverage teams of seasoned experts that follow industry-best practices

Emerging Technologies

Leveraging emerging technologies to help improve IT capabailities, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Provide continuous development capabilities
  • Increase velocity, quality and reliability of Service Delivery
  • Reduce waste through implementation of Lean principles
  • Automate manual processes to reduce development and testing durations, while improving the quality of results
  • Utilize open source infrastructure technologies to control costs, increase quality and reliability, while leveraging the power of communal building

Innovative IT Governance  

Applying industry best practices to get functional groups to work in a uniform manner in delivering value to customers and stakeholders.

  • Design and deploy real-world-effective PMOs
  • Deploy Center of Excellence principles in requirements, testing and development
  • Implement and provide training for enterprise-wide ITSM frameworks including Agile, Scaled Agile, Scrum, ITIL and PMBOK
  • Help organizations assess, test and mature their ITSM processes

Our Results Speak for Themselves

(in thousands)
Reduced workload for manual processes

(in millions)
Identified, prioritized and eliminated spend

(in millions)
Insurance members supported with Agile Methodology

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